Fingerprints on the doors, dust bunnies in the corners, unpleasant aromas, and plain old dirt can ruin a well-deserved and rightfully earned retirement living. People talk. A person's senses send immediate impressions to your residents and visitors brains, the moment they wake up in the morning or step through the door. Creating and maintaining positive physical environments is crucial to resident satisfaction and a community’s reputation. SterlingCareTM trained housekeepers maintain your home and your community’s good looks and cleanliness providing pride to a place that you call home.

Don't fall into the trap that if it looks clean, it is clean.

Providing excellent commercial-quality cleaning services in a homelike atmosphere supports culture change. To reinforce that goal, SterlingCare TM provides culture change training to its staff. But the training and commitment doesn't stop there. Because Housekeeping Services seeks to fulfill the residents' wants and expectations, resident/staff learning circles are held to exchange ideas and keep everyone working toward the same goal of resident and their family satisfaction.


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