Live Life to the Fullest; Experience the Non-Experienced

We believe resident wellness is not just confined to the physical well-being. Overall wellness entails oiling all aspects of a resident’s faculties. It is known that engaged seniors lead richer, more satisfying lives, which always drives SterlingCareTM to evolve its robust calendar of activities designed to stimulate the seven dimensions of wellness: physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, creative, social and vocational. We aim to provide opportunities for residents to participate in things they enjoy, experience the non – experienced, create memories and discover new passions.

Resident Life Enrichment activities and events at SterlingCareTM are based on seven key aspects: physical, intellectual, social, emotional, creative, spiritual, and vocational. We call this the SterlingCareTM Lifestyle. Here’s what you can expect:


Individual and group physical activity laced with fun, safety and innovation ensure that residents stay physically active and healthy. Host of physical activities including but not limited to yoga, stretching, exercising, swimming, walking, jogging, cycling, indoor and outdoor games are available for residents to enjoy and participate in.


Intellectual stimulation is a key part of overall resident wellness. Activities such as educational workshops and seminars, chess, brainteasers, spelling bees, board games, puzzles and many more in a competitive setting would make the experience to cherish and ensure intellectual well-being.


What better way to boost your entourage of friends, ensure companionship and drive away loneliness than engaging in a host of social events. Get to know your neighbors and connect with other residents to build new meaningful relationships. Join our movie screenings, tea & coffee gatherings, housie games, or one of our weekly socials, and start getting to be a socialite!


At SterlingCareTM we aim to create a strong family feeling and atmosphere for all of our residents. Sharing your cherished memories among circle of residents, enjoying local outings and other emotional activities act as enablers to emotionally connect to others.


Our residents come from various walks of life with a wealth of creative talent comprising of being teachers, artists, poets, to name a few. We love the opportunity to help everyone showcase their talents. Whether it’s photography, singing, music, we’ll gladly adapt our weekly activities to suit your interests.


India is a rich and diverse culture. Our resident profile allows celebrating and partaking in the vast and rich cultural traditions that our country has to offer.


SterlingCareTM operated communities offer residents the infrastructure and amenities required to purse their vocational needs while enjoying the fruits of a fun and satisfying retired life. We work with residents to create opportunities to pursue vocations and other relevant business avenues.


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