There comes a time when we all need that extra bit of assistance and care to continue living independently. With the EngagedTM Program, residents are provided the attention they need with care and meaningful activities.

The ongoing support and warmth of a dedicated team of professional staff ensures that our residents are well taken care of. Every staff member provides personalized assistance to each resident based on their unique needs. If you’re looking for a safe, warm and welcoming atmosphere for yourself or a loved one; then look no further, SterlingCareTM is here.

With EngagedTM Assisted Living Program, we honor our resident’s individuality by providing not only a conducive and engaging atmosphere to live in but also creating a complete lifestyle for them to enjoy. Along with that comes a peace of mind which is not only for the resident but for the rest of the family as well.

At an EngagedTM Assisted Living Community serviced by SterlingCareTM, we believe; it is not enough for our residents to add new years to their life. We are inspired to add new life to those years.


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